Pan-Asian Supperclub Zenzakan

Two illustrious lions, which traditionally stand for good fortune and wisdom in Asia, welcome guests and flank the entrance of Frankfurt’s exclusive and unique Pan-Asian Supperclub, the Zenzakan. The venue is a spectacular concept, which could be found in London, New York or Dubai with its cosmopolitan style.

Despite its imposing size of 2000 square meters, the Zenzakan has a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. Cosy niches, small booths, a sophisticated lighting concept, atmospheric music and the remarkable atmosphere invite guests to eat, drink, stay, as well as see and be seen. Golden Buddha heads, an antique Chinese arrow and arc set from the 15th century, or the 200 terra-cotta warrior figures, are just some of many loving details that have been collected by the owner, Christian Mook, from all around the world.

Enter the world of Zenzakan and let yourself be pampered by the best that Asia has to offer.